5 Sneakerhead and Footwear-Obsessed Keychains

by Brooke

Being a shoe fanatic right now is incredible. Recent years have seen sneaker culture grow unprecedentedly, with established shoe businesses breaking new ground in fashion and up-and-coming manufacturers hoping to cash in.

The market for minor accessories has recently caught up. The keychain sneaker below are all about sneakers and would make perfect presents for the sneakerhead in your life. We’re getting a few as present backup ideas and potential key holders for visitors.

What Are Keychain Types?

If so, do you have many keychains attached to your car’s keys? You may have a miniature flashlight for finding loose coins beneath the driver’s seat, or you could have a miniature Eiffel Tower from your vacation to Paris.

Whatever your taste, a keychain is a great way to personalize your commute or entryway. Which kinds are there, exactly? Why do we love them so much if we don’t know why? Now is the time to get creative with your next promotional giveaway.

When Can You Use Keychains?

It’s necessary to determine the primary function that your keychain will serve before delving into the many designs available. There are a variety of motives that might prompt you to seek one out.


Keychains printed with a company’s name, contact information, and logo is a standard giveaway at conventions and other promotional events.


Depending on your space, you may be hoarding hundreds of keychains, each with its fascinating history. Many individuals enjoy the hunt for fresh additions to their collections.

Accessories For The Wedding

They say marriage is expensive, and every married pair would confirm it. Keychains are a thoughtful and inexpensive favor to keep your guests thinking about your special day after they leave.


Keychains are primarily found in gift shops. They make for excellent vacation keepsakes, particularly after rips to museums and amusement parks. When you have a specific purpose in mind, narrowing down the options for a keychain becomes much more straightforward. A wide variety of possibilities exist, making it simple to choose an excellent alternative.

Adidas Yeezy Keychain

With Yeezy’s meteoric rise to fame, it’s only natural to sport the sneaker’s name on a keychain or tote. Like the popular Yeezy Boost low, this one comes in a gray and white color scheme.

Nike Air Mag Key Chain

Nike’s Air Mag, the sneakers shown in Back to the Future, are limited edition and will only be available to a select few. This Nike Air Mag keychain glows in the dark so you can admire them anytime.

SPUSA MJ5 Supreme Keychain

In the minds of most sneakerheads, nothing compares to the Nike Jordan 5 x Supreme collaboration. With this $10 accessory, they may flaunt a precise duplicate on a keychain or purse.

Crown Rhinestone Sneaker Keychain

This rhinestone keychain is perfect for the sneakerhead who wants to dress up their key ring. The finest rhinestones and gold plating add a luxurious sheen to the piece.

Yeezy Keychains by Khalil Brothers

Khalil Brothers have released a 2-pack of Yeezy keychains, featuring the Yeezy 350 V2s in black/red and Zebra colors. These are the best kind of good luck charms for your average.

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