It's summer, and you've got to look your best. That means you need a pair of sunglasses that complement your face and suit your personality. But most people don't know how to go about designing their own sunglasses and end up getting something they don't like. Designing glasses is easy once you learn the basics! Here are some tips for design your own sunglasses:


Now that you've decided on the color and style, it's time to choose a frame shape. This is probably the most important part of your design, as it will affect how your sunglasses look. Frame shapes can be round or square, oval or cat eye—there are lots of different options to choose from! It's best to choose a frame shape that suits your face shape (see below).


Now that you have chosen the shape and style of your glasses, it's time to choose the colors.

  • Choose a frame color. You can pick from any shade of brown or black (or grey) for your frames.
  • Choose a lens color. You'll want to make sure that whatever lens type you choose can be made into all kinds of shades, since this will dictate what colors are available for you to use in the future! If your lenses are polarized, there will be less options available than if they aren't polarized or if they're just clear lenses with no tinting at all.
  • Choose a lens type/type option: This tells us whether or not we need as many different types of lenses as possible or if just one type will work fine! For example—if neither option applies then don't worry about making another choice here because there won't be any other options below this section anyway!"


Now that you have decided on your frame type, the next step is to decide what lens you will use.

  • Clear: The most popular choice for most styles of sunglasses.
  • Tinted: A brown or amber tint is perfect for every day wear and adding a little color to your wardrobe.
  • Mirrored: These lenses reflect light like a mirror making them great for driving or cycling at night or when there’s too much sunlight.
  • Anti-reflective: These lenses reduce glare and reflection in bright conditions making them ideal for outdoor activities such as skiing and fishing where there can be lots of glare coming off water and snow. They also help with eye strain caused by working on computers all day long without any protection from artificial light sources like florescent bulbs which emit UV rays which are harmful over time when exposed directly against our eyesight without any kind of protection from these harmful rays, especially if they're young children who may not understand why they shouldn't spend hours playing video games online sitting right next to their TV screens!


  • Use a design tool to create your own sunglasses: There are many websites that allow you to upload an image and have it printed on the lens of your sunglasses. Some sites allow you to customize fonts, text, and colors in order to create an original pair of custom printed glasses.
  • Upload your own artwork: You can also use these tools if you want to make a print that is not available online or if you need higher resolution than what they offer as standard packages. You can use any kind of file format (jpgs, pngs...) on some sites but be aware that some files may be too large for them to accept without first converting into PNG format (which should work fine). Most sites offer plenty of options such as font type/size/color allowing users customization over how the design will look when printed onto their frames! Once done designing...


Getting the wrong size of sunglasses is a common mistake. There are two things you should always keep in mind when getting your prescription for sunglasses:

  • The lens width should be slightly wider than your natural eye distance, but never too wide that it causes headaches or general discomfort.
  • The bridge—the part of the glasses that covers your nose and rests on top of your face—should fit comfortably between your eyes and should not slip down/up when wearing them for long periods of time (this will happen if they're too big).


The best way to learn how to create your own sunglasses is by doing it. It may take some time, but the more you do, the better you’ll get at it. If you want to get started designing your own sunglasses now, just head over to our How To Design Your Own Sunglasses page and follow the steps listed there!


Well, you’ve learned a lot of things today. We hope that you enjoyed our tips and tricks for designing your own sunglasses! It can be a difficult process, but with the right tools and knowledge, you will be well on your way to creating the perfect pair.